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It's time to end permatemping and protect workers from discrimination, sexual harassment, wage theft, injury, and retaliation.

What does the TWFSA do?

Makes Temp Work the Pathway to Stable, Quality Employment

  • Mandates equal pay for equal work

  • Creates an even playing field that will benefit responsible staffing agencies

  • Will result in low-wage temp workers making about $4 more per hour

  • Creates new tools to preserve the rights of workers after SCOTUS robbed workers of their protections under IL law by allowing arbitration agreements to become ubiquitous

Protects Workers & Closes Major Loophole in the Workers Rights Amendment 

  • Improved training and safety requirements for equal or similar work to even the playing field for all workers

  • Protects unions by requiring that workers must be informed before being assigned to a worksite with a labor dispute and have a right to refuse that assignment without fear of retaliation

  • Prevents wage left, discrimination + retaliation by creating a whistleblower right of action

Adequately Funds & Expands Enforcement at No Expense to the Taxpayer

  • Updates fines and fees to fully fund enforcement of the law

  • Creates a whistleblower provision that expands enforcement capacity under the law

  • New whistleblower provision also creates a significant funding stream for enforcement

How the TWFSA Protects...

Black temp workers face discrimination, unfair pay, and unsafe working conditions:

  • Black workers are racially discriminated against and shut out from employment opportunities by discriminatory staffing agencies. According to the 2021 Opening the Door Report, 63% of staffing agencies engaged in discrimination, especially against Black applicants. 

  • The Equal Right Center found that agencies offered lower quality jobs to Black applicants.  The only jobs that agencies offered to Black applicants at an equivalent or higher pay rate than Latinx applicants were for less desirable jobs, including those that were lower-paying or on the second and third shift at factories. For jobs on those shifts, Black applicants received offers at almost twice the rate of their Latinx testing partners.

The Temp Worker Fairness and Safety Act will help Black workers by: 

  • Addressing racial discrimination in hiring by creating a whistleblower right of action to identify and address instances of employer abuse

  • Keeping Black workers safe by mandating improved training requirements for equal work

  • Enforcing the limits on “bondage fees” temp agencies charge companies to directly hire temps and thus freeing the workers from temp agency bondage

  • Ensuring that the law is applied evenly and predictably through a three pronged approach to enforcement. 

TWFSA By the Numbers

Who supports the TWFSA?

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