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It's time to end permatemping and protect workers from discrimination, sexual harassment, wage theft, injury, and retaliation.

Makes Temp Work the Pathway to Stable, Quality Employment

  • Mandates equal pay for equal work

  • Creates an even playing field that will benefit responsible staffing agencies

  • Will result in low-wage temp workers making about $4 more per hour

  • Creates new tools to preserve the rights of workers after SCOTUS robbed workers of their protections under IL law by allowing arbitration agreements to become ubiquitous

Protects Workers & Closes Major Loophole in the Workers Rights Amendment 

  • Requires equal training for equal or similar work to keep temp workers safe

  • Protects workers with increased demographic reporting requirements

  • Protects unions by requiring that workers must be informed before being assigned to a worksite with a labor dispute and have a right to refuse that assignment without fear of retaliation

  • Prevents staffing agency discrimination + retaliation by requiring daily application receipts

  • Prevents wage theft and misleading business practices by mandating the disclosure of the remaining bondage fee and staffing agency markup on each pay stub

Adequately Funds & Expands Enforcement at No Expense to the Taxpayer

  • Updates fines and fees to fully fund enforcement of the law

  • Creates a whistleblower provision that expands enforcement capacity under the law

  • New whistleblower provision also creates a significant funding stream for enforcement

Prohibits Abusive Contracts

  • Requires that contracts only remain in effect for the duration of the current assignment

  • Requires staffing agencies to share a copy of any contract with a third party that would impact the current or future employment of a worker


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