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CWC Leader’s Organizing Efforts Featured in American Prospect

Read more about CWC Board member, Barry Rose, and how worker centers are joining unions to improve working conditions for all workers in Chicago and throughout the US here.

CWC has been proud to build relationships between worker centers and labor unions, because collaborating together breaks the power of unjust employers to divide and conquer workers. In his new piece, Embracing and Resisting: The Variable Relationships Between Worker Centers and Unions, renowned labor and workplace reporter, Steven Greenhouse, features the experience of Barry Rose, who led efforts to ensure that Chicago’s Gold Standard Bakery transitioned several hundred temp workers into union jobs. The legacy of Barry’s organizing inspired the formation of the Temp Worker Union Alliance Project (TWUAP), of which CWC is a proud member together with our partner, Chicago Federation of Labor. Published in The American Prospect, Mr. Greenhouse features amazing effort across the nation where worker centers and unions united to improve the conditions of all workers.

From temp worker leader to union steward, Barry Rose has been a tireless advocate for workers, drawing from his own experience of facing hiring discrimination, for being a returning citizen, and workplace retaliation due to reporting unsafe working conditions.

Barry holds a position on Chicago Workers Collaborative’s Board of Directors, and continues to support organizing partnerships between temp workers and labor unions. Our efforts to break down racial divisions and discrimination in hiring and worker treatment are long-standing, and continue to this day. We are honored that Barry's efforts have been featured alongside the organizing work of CITUL, the National Day Laborers Organizing Network, and the Pilipino Workers' Center by one of the most prominent labor organizers in the United States.

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