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What is The Chicago Workers' Collaborative? 

People working together for better working conditions.
1914 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60608 Telephone: 312-224-7858

Our Mission

CWC promotes the creation of stable, living wage jobs with racial and gender equity for temporary staffing workers

Founded in 2000, the Chicago Workers’ Collaborative (CWC) was one Chicago’s first worker centers. Incubated by St. Pius V Parish, CWC became an independent non-profit in 2009. CWC was born from an epidemic of wage theft, discrimination and worker injuries, which motivated workers to come together to form an organization that would enable temps and other low-income workers to take action to win dignity and fair working conditions.

 CWC has assisted thousands of workers in changing market conditions which reward corporate policies which are anti-worker, anti-black and anti-immigrant while also building the nation’s strongest protections for temporary staffing workers.


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