Workers face retaliation for speaking out: report

"Employers often retaliate against workers who complain about pay or working conditions, according to a new report from a coalition of worker advocates.

The report comes at a time when a provision strengthening protections against retaliation for low-wage, temporary workers has been axed from a bill making its way through Springfield. The staffing agencies that initially opposed the bill argued workers are sufficiently covered by existing laws and regulations.

But the report (you can read it below) found about 85 percent of the 246 low-wage Chicago-area workers surveyed experienced at least one violation of laws governing pay, working conditions, job security after an injury or prohibiting discrimination.


The survey was conducted in 2015 by Raise the Floor Alliance, a federation of Chicago-area worker advocacy organizations, and the New York-based National Economic & Social Rights Initiative. The workers in the survey typically are employed by staffing agencies, then farmed out to factories and warehouses.

From​ the​ archives:​ Unpaid​ wages​ a​ growing​ problem​ for​ Chicago-area​ workers​

Among those workers who tried to address the violation, 58 percent reported some form of retaliation from their employer, the report says. Most frequently, employers took work away. That could take multiple forms: Eight-eight workers reported either having their hours cut, outright firing, receiving lower-paying assignments or being blacklisted for future jobs."


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