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The Englewood Community Center
CWC Waukegan
Corazon de Valor Y Fortaleza
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The Englewood Community Center

The Englewood Community Center (ECC) aims to give back and make a difference in Englewood. We provide members much needed support so they can be successful in work, school and life in general. Through our various programs, we hope to build a strong and united community for ourselves and future generations!

CWC -Waukegan

CWC Waukegan is part of a successful referral network that helps members gain access to much needed legal, medical, and social services.​
For example: Women temp workers united to charge, provide testimony, and help convict notorious raitero, (temp van driver), Alberto Ibarra, who sexually assaulted them. Though his employer, Most Valuable Personnel, kept Ibarra driving--after complaints from female employees, a Cook County judge sent Ibarra to jail on August 1, 2016 

Corazon De Valor Y Fortaleza

The job assignment process in temp industry lends itself to sexual abuse because males in the agencies are in control.
Women's Empowerment Groups, like Corazon de Valor Y Fortaleza, focus on creating a space, support and leadership development for women workers who experience sexual harassment and/or assault. Members who experienced gender violence in their workplaces, in many cases, only have these spaces in which to build their power against those who seek to destroy their dignity.

1914 S Ashland Avenue

Chicago, IL 60608


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